DB2JAVIT: RC = 9505 lahendus

Db2javit Rc 9505 Solution

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Inscription: WIN7 download DB2, start the task center, control center reported DB2JAVIT: RC = 9505.

Solution: Enter (Computer -> Management -> Local Users and Groups à Users) to add users to DB2ADMIN or DB2USER, you can solve.

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DB2JAVIT : RC = 9505

DB2JAVIT : RC = 9505 & SQL5005C System Error

On Windows Vista, if the 'DB2JAVIT : RC = 9505' error occurs when DB2 starts. Try this to see if it resolves the issues for now: for the programs (CLP, CMD, CC), right click on the launching shortcut and select 'Run as administrator'.

Upon reboot and logging in after the installation, this error might appear: SQL5005C System Error.To resolve this problem, add your user to the DB2ADMNS or the DB2USERS group.